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We begin our cooperation with the first key telephone contact. During this conversation, our metal and technical recruitment specialist will learn about your experience, expectations and preferences. We're here to listen and understand your needs - whether you're looking for a short-term or permanent job. This allows us to direct you to workplaces that are no more than 35 km from your home.

Your professional portrait

Once the details are settled, the next step is to send us your resume. Don't worry about the language - you can send them in Polish version and we will take care of the translation. Your resume will go to potential employers we work with. Our goal is to find you a job offer that matches your qualifications and expectations.

Your chance for success

Within a few days after submitting your resume, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview with a potential employer. If you have any language concerns, we can accompany you as translators. To date, nearly 95% of those who have passed through this stage with us have been offered a job. This proves the effectiveness of our method

Expectations met

Your financial comfort is our priority. Therefore, we know exactly what your salary expectations are and try to negotiate the most favorable hourly rate for you. With us, negotiations become a simple and transparent formality, and you are assured of fair compensation for your work.

Security on paper

Once you have successfully passed all the recruitment stages, KENSY prepares an employment contract for you. We make sure that all the paperwork is carried out in accordance with the law and that you feel confident as you start a new chapter in your career.


When you join our workforce, you start with a Phase A contract. This is an employment contract with a cooperation clause with our agency, valid for up to 52 weeks. During this period, if there are any changes in the scope of the order - such as a shortage or stoppage of work - we are obliged to inform you immediately.


After successfully passing Phase A, your cooperation with us takes on a deeper dimension. You enter Phase B, which means a contract with guaranteed hours and the possibility of working with the agency for up to 3 years. This gives you the assurance of stability and the continuation of your career.

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